The rare combination of construction and fibre expertise.

One of Canada's largest outside plant construction organizations, with an extensive fleet and highly trained staff.

Our growth is fueled by trust.

VistaCare’s Outside Plant Division is comprised of all the services and supports needed by our partners to deliver large scale projects. We have earned a reputation for not being afraid to get our hands dirty, putting in the hard work and long hours required to complete complex communication infrastructure projects. We are confident in our abilities to deliver to the highest standard, a confidence generated by our work for North America's largest and most influential communications companies. This confidence is based on the hundreds of projects we've successfully completed over the years, culminating in thousands of kilometers of fibre cabling installed and millions of premises passed.

 Our team experience and expertise in the communication infrastructure construction is some of the deepest in North America, and we are recognized not only for the number of personnel we can task on a project, but also the quality and quantity of work they provide. We invite you to review our key areas of competence and contact us for a no obligation conversation about how VistaCare Communications can make your next project a success.

We hit deadlines.

Our reputation is built on the work we’ve done and projects we’ve completed. As a preferred contractor across Canada, we know that deadlines are key to making projects successful and keeping our customers happy. VistaCare is one of the largest outside plant contractors in Canada, with the equipment, trucks, manpower and drive to take on projects the smaller companies can’t handle. We invest in our projects’ success and we have earned our reputation for delivering on time with hard work and experience.

International OSP ICS services
We get work done.

With experience in every province in Canada, projects completed in several different states, the Caribbean, and other countries around the world, we are proving our capabilities with years of experience. From outside aerial and underground line construction to individual unit wiring of multi-dwelling buildings, we’re happy to do the heavy lifting for complete infrastructure construction projects.

We excel at partnerships.

A key reason for our continued growth is our ability to develop, maintain and expand partnerships. Whether we are managing the entire project, or working within a team of other providers our ability to make things better is globally recognized. It's one of the primary reasons that multi-national communications firms come back time and time again to get us to help deliver their most important projects.

Our strong relationships with subcontractors allow us to invest in partnerships to increase our capacity and complete larger projects. Are you a turn-key solution looking for a partner to complete practical pieces of your project? We have the assets and experience to make sure your work is done right and finished on time.

jigsaw puzzle pieces fitting together
  • line construction

    Whether it's aerial construction, or safely working within existing infrastructure to place underground cables, VistaCare can get the job done.

  • fibre splicing and testing

    Proficient and reliable splicing of fibre optic cabling requires a highly trained group of team members.

  • civil construction

    VistaCare's Civil Construction Division was forged on the notion of strength through operational agility and unrivaled proficiency.

  • Fibre to the Home FTTH

    Our expertise means we can provide proven, experienced-based advice and strategic recommendations that will make your rollout a profitable success.

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