Fibre to the Home

Our difference is in our approach.

Vistacare Communications is a North American leader in providing fibre to the home (FTTH) services to our clients, and consulting expertise to our partners. We understand how to conceptualize, plan, and execute successful FTTH rollouts, and we have experience in all key aspects of FTTH construction, splicing & multi-dwelling unit cabling.

Our expertise means we can provide proven, experience-based advice and strategic recommendations that will make your rollout a profitable success. Our process has been refined over tens of thousands of kilometers of FTTH rollouts, and our results speak for themselves.

Fibre to the Home FTTH
  • Consulting & Project Management
  • Pole, Strand & Cable Placement
  • Central Office Equipment Installation (COEI)
  • Wireless RF Equipment Installation
  • Testing, Verification & Certification
  • Emergency Restoration & Response
  • Network Backbones, Upgrades & Forced Rebuilds
  • Single & Multi-Mode Fusion Splicing & Connectorizing
  • OTDR Testing & Documentation
  • DWDM Long Haul Analysis
  • Reverse Engineering Fiber & Audit
  • Head End & Wireless Optical Equipment
  • New Construction & Retrofit
  • Horizontal & Vertical Pathways
  • Central Splice Points Placement

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